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Houston Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

At The Law Offices Of R.J. Atkinson, we are acutely aware of the financial strain our potential clients are under. As such we offer payment plans to address each case individually as each case has a different set of circumstances. We make our fees are competitive and, in many cases, we can file a case with minimal or no down payment on attorney’s fees which often may be paid in installments. The exact fee charged and the amount required down is always determined on a case by case basis and depends upon various factors such as the number and type of creditors, the extent of the assets, the number of previous bankruptcies (if any), as well as the district in which the case is filed and the amount of time involved to handle the case.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

The Law Offices of R.J. Atkinson offer a flat fee of $700.00 for personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases. Flat fees are standard in most Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases and our flat fee for personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings is $700.00. Bankruptcy Lawyer RJ Atkinson helps people to get debt relief without getting them deeper in debt with costly legal fees.

Our flat fees for Texas Chapter 7 cases are $700.00 plus the $306.00 court filing fee and the fee for credit counseling. The $306.00 filing fee is set by the Bankruptcy Court and the required credit counseling fee ranges from $15.00 to $50.00. Our attorney fees for personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are $700.00.

If you need to file for personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 there are no hidden fees or costs other than the costs mentioned above.

Personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases can be filed for a total of $1,005.00

$700.00 (attorney fees) + $306.00 (court filing fee) = $1,005.00

So you may be asking, how can RJ Atkinson offer the same services that other firms charge over twice as much? Well it’s about experience, technology, and the satisfaction of providing people a fresh financial start.

  • Experience: RJ Atkinson has represented thousands of bankruptcy clients in Texas. The thousands of cases of experience can guide you through the Chapter 7 process.
  • Technology: With advances in software, the Bankruptcy Court’s electronic filing system, and internet accessibility, preparing a bankruptcy case has become less time consuming than it was years ago. What used to take days, now takes hours.
  • Satisfaction:
    “I am a committed and experienced bankruptcy lawyer who takes my responsibility seriously. I handle bankruptcy cases and that’s pretty much it. Most importantly, I like what I do and know that the results I achieve for my clients will have a lasting impact on their lives.” Rogena Jan Atkinson – Attorney At Law

Let us help you get a fresh start and get back in control of your finances.

If you want more details on our $700.00 flat fee for Chapter 7 <CLICK HERE>

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

Attorney fees for a Chapter 13 case are paid as part of the debtor’s bankruptcy repayment plan and can either be billed hourly or at a flat rate either of which are subject to the Bankruptcy Court’s approval. We file most Chapter 13 cases with no money down on attorneys fees with a “wage order” (see Bankruptcy Dictionary) so all a client usually needs to pay is a $281.00 court filing fee to file the case.

We can quote you a specific fee for your individual case at a free initial consultation. At such time we can assess the merits of your case and decide what amount (if any) we may require down on attorney’s fees. Our determination will largely depend on your financial ability and willingness to make your Chapter 13 Plan payments. And, your ability to make Chapter 13 Plan payments will depend on the stability and amount of your income. We realize that you may have financial problems and probably need every dollar for your day to day expenses when you come to us. So the bottom line is that although we file most Chapter 13 cases with no money down on attorney’s fees we still have to assess your case before we can agree to accept the case for no money down on attorney’s fees.

No matter how much money you owe or what your financial problems may be, at The Law Offices Of R.J. Atkinson you will find our fees competitive and our experience, knowledge & advocacy invaluable in protecting the maximum amount of property as allowed by law.

Call us at 800-436-9056 to asses a fee for your case. The initial consultation is free so the only thing you have to lose may be your debt.

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Filing Bankruptcy can sometimes be the fastest way to get out of debt and may be the most affordable way to get a fresh financial start. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can quickly wipe out your debts, increase your credit score, stop wage garnishments, get rid of credit card debt, eliminate medical bills, stop payday loans, stop bill collectors, erase negative credit reporting, and reestablish new credit after bankruptcy. RJ Atkinson — Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer have payment plans to make filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy affordable which include low cost flat fees for Chapter 7 that may be considered the cheapest bankruptcy attorney fees compared to fees other bankruptcy lawyer charge. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can save your home from foreclosure, save your car from repossession, lower monthly payments, reduce interest rates, get rid of late fees, reduce credit card interest, payoff high credit card debt, raise your credit score, stop creditor harassment, get rid of debt, reduce debt, eliminate creditor calls at work, stop collection calls, start over financially, discharge debts and/or be debt free in 3 to 5 years. IRS tax problems, tax levies, wage garnishments, back taxes, payroll taxes, income taxes can often be handled in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Divorce/Bankruptcy – past due child support arrears, alimony, spousal support, and divorce debt can often be handled in chapter 13 bankruptcy. The Law Offices of RJ Atkinson handles debt consolidation, loan modifications, credit card debt settlement, debt negotiation, lawsuit defense, IRS problems, credit card lawsuits, TROs temporary restraining orders to foreclosure, forbearance agreements to foreclosure, FDCPA Fair Debt Collection Practices Act lawsuits, FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act lawsuits, credit report disputes, debt collection lawsuits, adversary complaints in bankruptcy, bankruptcies, foreclosure workouts, mortgage short sales, real estate property tax disputes, civil litigation, commercial litigation, tax lawsuits, small business bankruptcy, corporate bankruptcy, business creditor representation, and most every kind of debt related issue or financially based legal problem on a case by case basis.
Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §528, “We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.”
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